Aid for Ebola Outbreak

Deaths from infectious diseases like malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia are likely to soar in West African countries where a vast outbreak of Ebola has crushed health systems and killed nurses and doctors. Specialists on deadly diseases say deaths from malaria alone, which even before the Ebola crisis killed around 100,000 a year in the West Africa region as a whole, could increase four-fold in Ebola-hit countries as people miss out on life-saving treatments.

Women and Men Uplifting Ministries, International understand the need for compassion and love during this crisis in West Africa and have targeted January as the month to send barrels of clothing, and other supplies to Pastors who have worked with this Organization for years. We are asking your support whether it be financially to help pay for the barrels which cost $275 each barrel, or gifts of rubber gloves, alcohol, sanitizers, etc. to be placed in the barrels. Show your love and support not only for this Organization, but for the men, women and children of Liberia Africa.


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