Psalm 35:21-23, “They sneer at me and say, “Aha! Aha!  With our own eyes we have seen it.”   Lord, you have seen this; do not be silent.  Do not be far from me, Lord.  Awake, and rise to my defense!  Contend for me, my God and Lord.”

David cried out to God to defend him when people wrongly accused him.  If you are unjustly accused, your natural reaction may be to lash out in revenge or to give a detailed defense of your every move.  These actions will play in the accusers hands and will keep the conflict going back and forth.  There is no way that you can prove yourself when the attacks keep coming, and revenge is never the answer for it will only cause people to believe that you are guilty of the accusations.  In times like these it is best to do as David did, and cry out to God to come to your defense.  When being unjustly accused, I have found silence and prayer is the best defense.  God will surely clear your name in the eyes of those who really matter.  Think of this; people are held connected to us that we want to go away when we continue to play their games.  Really that is what they want for they come to destroy our peace, bring confusion, and keep us from reaching our destiny and blessings.  Release anyone you are holding hostage because of their lies, accusations, or innuendo; release them now and let them go.

HEAVENLY FATHER, Lord I thank you for this new day, this new dawn.  You have given me another day in this land to do some good, to honor and praise you, and to be thankful for who you have made me to be.  As I praise you this morning and honor you, I am grateful Lord for your Word for it reminds me that you will fight every battle that I am going through for me, and that you will not leave me alone through the struggles I may face.  This morning I am releasing everyone who has come to distrub my peace, and bring confusion into my life. Those who have lied on me and brought accusations against me; I understand that they are insignificant in my life, and will no longer give them dominance over me.  This morning Gracious God, I am turning them over to you and asking that you bring peace not only for me, but for them as well.  I realize that I am to pray for those that attack me in any way, so I lift them in prayer right now, and pray for their salvation as well in Jesus Name!  Thank you Lord for always hearing me, and answering my prayers.  You are a wonderful Father, and I know that I can come to you with my problems and you understand for you knew me in my mother’s womb, created and gifted me.  Thank you Merciful God for hearing me today, in Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.


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