firstloveRevelation 2:4, “Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.”   Do you remember the first time you had excitement for a passion for a calling, ministry, or even a destiny?  You worked hard always with the passion for which you believed God had either called you to do, or the destiny set forth in your life. You neither waivered or wandered away from what you believed; you did not slumber or sleep, people could not convince you that this was not what you perceived it to be, and you refused to walk away.  This was a constant source of enjoyment to you as you worked hard to achieve success.  Although it may have been hard; people did not understand and they came and went, but you continued to push forward and did not look back.

The further you got into the work of bringing forth this powerful desire doors begin to open.  People who appeared to understand where you were going begin to attach themselves to you, and finances begin to flow in your direction.  I can only imagine you thinking to yourself, “truly God has approved this for me.”  Everything you touched seem to turn to gold, and there was no stopping you.  Suddenly you were there, you had accomplished that which you set out to do.  Now you could breath and begin to reap the benefits of your labor.  But something happens over the years as your growth continues, you change the passion you had; the powerful emotion is no longer there, your focus has changed, you looked away for a moment.  It is during these times that you begin to falter and fail; people start to fall away, finances become scarce, and it seems nothing is going your way.  Most of us would begin to wonder why has God failed me now?  If not that then we place the responsibility of our failures on someone else, or we say that season has passed.  We try will try and reinvent ourselves having one disaster after another until we feel broken and defeated.

I tell you the truth today, if that is where you are now, go back to your first love with all the passion, will-power and strong emotions that you committed to it in the past.  Remember your joy and excitement as you made plans, worked on your visions, and pressed forward.  You will begin to see a rebirth, reconciliation of body, mind and spirit, walk with a stronger attitude, and a new determination to once again overcome the obstacles that held you down.  Shake off your thinking that your season has passed, but establish this as your new season.  Psalms 90:17, “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.”  The work of your hands shall be established, and you shall succeed once again.

Heavenly Father, I get it, and during the years I have lost my passion for my first love.  I ask your forgiveness as I repent today.  Lord, for a moment I lost focus and took my eyes away.  I am today recommitting myself to the vision, mission or destiny you have given me so long ago.  Yes, Lord you blessed me and kept me strong during the times I worked hard, you sent people to bless me, and truly you guided my footsteps.  You have been ever faithful to me even in the times of my weakness.  Merciful God, as I press forth with a attitude of re-dedication to my first love, a new determination, and a strong conviction, I pray that you lead me in all truths, reestablish me, and reconnect me to people who will uplift and encourage me.  Lord, I am thankful for past journeys, and am looking forward to my new journey.  I am truly grateful for your love and mercy you have shown toward me.  Strengthen me when I become weak, provide me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding in every area of my life, and create in me a right spirit and clean heart is my prayer, in Jesus Name I pray. Amen and Amen.



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