Let Us Pray

Father, as I face this new day I pray that you continue to lift me during my times of need.  Father, I know that you are all-sufficient, and my mighty tower.  You guard me from all evil, and fight my battles for me.  You said in your Word that you would hold me and keep me.  Father, as I struggle with my issues today, I pray that you hold me in the palm of your hands, strengthen me in my weaknesses, and lead me where I need to go.  Touch me right now, cover me in the blood of Jesus Christ, and allow me to walk in your peace as I face my struggles.

 I approach the Throne of Grace and Mercy checking myself this morning praying that I am not an instrument used by Satan, but that I am an instrument of your peace and love for all mankind.  I ask for your forgiveness this morning if I have walked out of your will for my life. I am striving to be a person of peace, and love. I want to love my brothers and sisters with true Agappe love, and learn to approach any conflicts with a positive attitude.  I draw on all spiritual resources that you have provided so that people may see your glory in me, and I do not bring you to shame by my attitude.  If I fall in this area, I know that you are with me to help me quickly get up, repent, and move forward with love.  I thank you for I know that you are a God of love and since I have your attributes I can strive daily to be more like you.  Gracious Lord, lead my feet to walk in truth, bridle my tongue so that I do not offend, use my heart to love and not to hate, my hands to guide people to you, and touch my mind so that I am strong and have the mind of Christ.  Thank you Fatther for hearing this prayer, and helping me to become a peacemaker for you said BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS.

In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen