In the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I pray this prayer of faith.  Amen.

Jesus Christ is the true salvation; Jesus Christ governs, reigns, defeats and conquers every enemy, visible or invisible; Jesus, be thou with me at all times, forever and ever, upon all roads and ways, upon the water and the land, on the mountain and in the valley, in the house and in the yard, in foreign lands, and in my own land.

In the whole world wherever I am, stand, run, ride, or drive; whether I sleep or wake, eat or drink, there be thou also, Lord Jesus Christ, protecting and keeping me free from all hurt, harm and danger at all times, late and early, every hour, every moment; and in all my goings in or goings out.

I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ may they guard me against all firearms, weapons of destruction, human enemies be they secret or public, that they cannot injure me or do me any harm whatever, In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

May Jesus Christ, with his guardianship and protection, shield me always from daily commission of sins, worldly injuries and injustice, from contempt, from pestilence and other diseases, from fear, torture, and great suffering, from all evil intentions, from false tongues and the words of fools; and that no kind of firearms can inflict any injury to my body, Jesus I pray that you take care of me.

And that no band of thieves, robbers, arsonists, or evil spirits secretly enter my house or premises, nor break in; may the Jesus Christ protect and guard me against them; and the glory of God the Father of Heaven and Earth shall strengthen me, the wisdom of God the Son shall enlighten me, and the grace of God the Holy Ghost shall empower me from this hour unto all eternity. Amen!

Please say this prayer for your loved one in the military or if in the military say this Prayer of Protection for yourself.  May God bless and keep you and your families, and give you strength in this life forevermore.