It is the MISSION of Women Uplifting Women Ministries and Women and Men Uplifting Ministries, International (WMUMI) to bring about a holistic healing to women, men, children and families who have suffered trauma and lost in their lives, build families, and train leaders locally and internationally.

WMUMI is a holistic family enhancement Organization as well as a leadership training ministry committed to “Training Leaders, and Building Families.” We provide life-changing conferences, seminars and classes in partnership with Churches, Christian schools, and home-school groups. Our vision is to provide appropriate tools to leaders and families who “intentionally live life to glorify God, become productive members of their society, and families.”

WMUMI is committed to helping local churches and organizations develop strong family ministries, equip leaders to become family oriented and compassionate to those who are facing trauma. We provide a paradigm, a process, and tools to help the leadership of the local churches and organizations build marriages and families that glorify God and make a difference in the lives of others. It is the desire of this Organization to teach people how to fish; and not to provide fish, if we teach to fish then we know that they will eat for more than one day, will live a productive life, and be a valuable member to their communities.

If you have a plan and a vision to develop this Mission in your Church or Organization, we are interested in networking with you.  We are interested in people who are determined to make a difference in their communities.  We do not operate on the premise of providing money for the sake of providing money, but developing the minds and hearts of man-kind to help themselves.  We are looking for people who are serious about being a Chartered Member of this Organization who have a desire to grow not only in God, but in their communities as well.  Men and women who have a vision of growth for their communities and can incorporate our Mission into their ministries are welcome to contact us.

Please contact us for more information on “Building Families, Training Leaders,” and improving the quality of life in your church or organization, and your communities.