So many of us are going through financial difficulties.  We truly need God to intercede in our lives and prosper us.  We must not only pray for prosperity in our lives, but we must also learn to affirm God’s blessings.  Pray this prayer and affirm God’s prosperity for yourselves and your family.

PSALM 37:3-5,11 Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

Prayers for Prosperity

Thank You, God, for Your loving spirit within me that prospers and blesses my life.  Thank you Father for your loving kindness, tender mercies, and the blessings I receive each day.  You are a wonderful and awesome God in whom I trust.  I bless Your Name this day, and know that you will substain me and provide provisions.

God, You are my source of abundant living. I place my trust in You, knowing that You will guide me and multiply my blessings.

Thank You, God, for Your wisdom that fills me with prospering ideas and Your all-providing presence that assures bountiful supply for every need. My life is enriched in every way.

You are my source, dear God, and in Your presence every need is met. Thank You for Your overflowing goodness that blesses me and those I hold dear.

God, Your love fills my heart and attracts to me all good things. Through Your unlimited substance, I live a life of plenty.  Amen

Affirmations for Prosperity

My thoughts are enriched by the creative spirit of God within me. I am filled with renewed enthusiasm, and my life is prospered.

I am a spiritual being, heir to the abundance of God’s kingdom. My life is prospered and enriched.

I give thanks for God’s prospering ideas that inspire me to live a full, rewarding life.

I am God’s beloved creation, and I rely on God’s provision to fulfill every good desire.

The presence of God is within and around me. I am alive with creative energy, awake to prospering ideas, and open to unlimited goodness.